How To Make Your Own Sex Toys

Here is a brief explanation of some terms you will read often in making these toys.

Be sure to read warning labels on all materials, glues and chemicals before using. Use all products with care. Also check out up to minute updates at for new pictures and info

CORE. Is the center of the toy. Can be broom handles, wooden dowels, candles, air dry clay, solder wire, chandelles, fruits, vegetables, sand, cheap plastic store bought sex toys etc.

OUTER CORE. Can be a soft cloth fabric glued or taped to the core to make toy wider, longer, and softer. A hot glue gun or all purpose spay adhesive can be used to glue fabric to the core. Duct tape can also be used to tape fabric to the core. Air dry clay can also be used as an outer core.

SKIN. Is silicone rubber, thinner and color all mixed together.

STRAIGHT SILICONE. Is silicone rubber straight from the tube and is not mixed with thinner or color. Straight silicone can also be used as an out core and glue.

CURE. Silicone will need about 24 hours to fully harden. However, in as little as 15 min. a 2nd coat of skin can be applied to the toy before 1st coat is cured.

What skin is, how to mix and how to apply

Wet silicone will stick to just about everything and nothing sticks to cured silicone, but more silicone. This silicone cannot be painted--color must be added when mixing. The silicone that works the best is GE Kitchen and Bath Silicone Rubber 1 Clear. This comes in a tube and dispensed with a caulking gun.

VM&P Naphtha, sold at hardware stores, is used to thin silicone and make it possible to add color. The less VM&P you add, the thicker your skin will be, this is best for the 1 coat. The more VM&P you add, the thinner your skin will be, this is best for your final coat.

Colors used are acrylic craft paint sold at craft store for about 50 cents each. Many different colors are available including some that glow in the dark.

All 3 ingredients are mixed at the same time in a dixie cup using a craft stick (popsicle sticks) found at craft stores. Use a new cup and stick every time you make a new batch of skin. When making a multi-colored toy, colors must be mixed in separate cups with silicone and thinner. Then both colors can be applied to the toy at the same time.


When I make skin for my toys, I never measure the amounts of all 3 ingredients. This mixture is very forgiving and easy to do. I will give you an amount to start with, after you make a few batches of skin you'll know why I don't measure the amounts.

First add color. Squeeze color in a dixie cup for about 1 second, about half a teaspoon. Then, add VM&P Naptha thinner, just enough to cover the bottom of the cup, about 1 teaspoon. Use twice as much silicone about 4 squeezes from the caulking gun.


Stir well, this is very important. As you stir scrape bottom and sides of cup. Scrape skin off both sides of craft stick and continue stirring for about 40 seconds or until everything is smooth and one color. The skin should have the consistency of a sticky creamy peanut butter.


Method # 1: Using craft stick to apply skin to toy.

Scoop skin from cup and slowly spread skin on toy. Use the craft stick to smooth skin edges and skin lumps. This process is similar to frosting a cake. Be sure to make edges thinner and even with surrounding areas.

Method # 2: Using fingers to apply skin to toy.

Fill a plastic container with water, then add a few drops of dish soap. Mix skin, put all skin in the container of water with the craft stick. Your skin mixture will float, straight silicone will not float. Always keep finger tips wet while touching skin. While skin is floating in water roll skin in a ball with finger tips. Pick the balled skin up and place it on your toy. Use fingers to slowly slide and move skin to cover area of the toy.


Fill a plastic container with water, then add a few drops of dish soap. After you have applied skin to the toy, dip fingers tips in water and start lightly tapping skin with finger tips. Tap and smooth skin on edges first, then tap your way to the center of new skin. If small pieces of skin sticks to fingers, wipe skin off on an old towel. Dip fingers in water again and continue taping and smoothing skin. Do this process over and over again until the skin starts to get firm. When skin starts to get firm, put straight dish soap on fingers. Rub skin up, down and all around faster and harder then before. When smoothing 1 coat of skin use just plain water to smooth. Use straight dish soap to smooth skin on your final coats.

You will have about 2 min's. after mixing skin to apply and smooth skin. If you use straight dish soap to smooth skin you must wipe or wash dried soap off your toy before adding more skin to the toy.

Method # 3: Making shapes

This method is used to make shapes, such as nipples and the head of a penis etc. Mix skin and place skin in a container of water. Using finger tips, roll skin in a ball. Pick up skin and place skin in the spot you want for a shape. Slowly move and slide skin with fingers to form the shape you want.

Method # 4: Making balls

Mix skin, place skin in a container of water. Let skin float for about 1 min. Wet both palms and put skin in palm. Roll palms together to make a ball, put ball back in water for 30 seconds. Pick up ball and roll in palms again for 10 seconds, then put back in the water. Do these steps over and over again Once the ball gets firm leave it in the water until it's cured.

Method # 5: Making flat silicone pieces

Sprinkle water on flat glass, mirror, or porcelain (toilet tank lid). Mix skin. Put skin in a container of water and make shapes with fingers while skin is in the water. After you have somewhat close to the shape you want, put skin on flat glass and continue making the shape until you're happy with the shape. Leave skin on the glass until it's cured.

When making small flat pieces, sometimes using small soapy tools (razors, craft sticks) will help.

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