How To Make Your Own Sex Toys - Section 2

All these sex toys are made in stages, some are made inside out and some are made outside in. I will go over inside out toys first. Pick a core to start with.

Inside out toys

Start with a core and build out.

Examples of cores:

  • wood broom handle
  • wooden dowels
  • candle sticks
  • chenille
  • pencils
  • solder wire
  • air dry clay
  • garden hose
  • cable wire

Cut a broom handle or wooden dowel to desired length. There are now a few options, you could just skin the wood and be done or you can glue or tape soft fabric around the toy to make it wider softer and longer. I used a white polyester fleece from wal-mart (Fabric dept.) its about 2.97 a yard. The looks of the inner and outer core is not really important, what is important is the skin over the toy.

Cut wood

Used method # 1 to skin wood

Used method # 3 for black tips.

Candle stick

A candle stick can be cut and carved with a knife in any shape. To really smooth out cuts, use a lighter to melt wax around cuts. Glue an outer core and apply skin using method # 1 or # 2.

Chenille (craft stores)

Using chandelles as a core will make your toy bendable, floppy, and firm.

Twist about 12 chenille all together, whatever shape you want. Add an outer core, I used straight silicone as an outer core with wet fingers to shape the straight silicone. Skin using method # 1 or # 2.


Combination of wood and air dry clay.

Clay used is crayola air dry clay white. (craft stores)

This is an excellent way to be creative with your toys. You can make any shape, bumps or a flared base.

Cut wood

Pinch off small pieces of clay and press into wood continue adding clay till you have the shape you want.

The clay will take about 24 hours to harden. This clay can be cut or curved. Before skinning toy make sure clay is dry. Use method # 1 to apply skin all around the toy. Don't use a lot of water to smooth first coat, water can make the clay soft again. 2nd coat use method # 1 or # 2 now you can use as much water and soap to smooth skin.


Solder wire (hardware stores)

Making a toy with solder will make your toy flexible and bendable. When using solder as a core you must add an outer core to build up toy.


Cut solder

Wrap fabric around solder and glue using spray adhesive or duct-tape.

Method # 1 for purple shaft

Method # 3 for black tips

Anal toys

When making anal toys you should add a flared base or tie nylon string ( craft stores) in a circle at the end. This is an example of method # 4 making balls as sex toys. After you make balls in method # 4 You now need to open small holes in the balls to insert nylon string. Untwist a coat hanger or use nails to stick though center of balls. Leave balls on hanger for a few hours to open up holes. Use the hanger or nail to push string though all balls. Tie knots at all the balls to keep them from sliding or add straight silicone to nylon string and pull balls over straight silicone and let cure.



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