How To Make Your Own Sex Toys - Section 4

This foam sheet is used for the next two toys. This sells at Wal-Mart in fabric dept.

To make these boobs, use this foam and cut squares using scissors , Hot glue or straight silicone the squares on top of each other to make a sort of pyramid shape.

Slowly trim the foam until you have the shape of boobs you want. Use method # 1 to skin boobs, this will take a few coats to get everything even and smooth. Use method # 3 to make nipples.

If you want the boobs to be soft and squeezable do not skin all the flat bottom part of the boob. This will allow air to be squeezed out and in.

Male masturbator

Cut foam sheet in a rectangle shape.

Skin the top pad while laying flat. Do one thin coat using method # 1 let cure.

Cut a triangle shape for the vagina top and cut a slit for the hole.

Roll rectangle shape in a circle and hot glue edges together. Hot glue vagina top to the circle. Skin all the outside and vagina top using method # 1. to make vagina lips use method # 3.

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